Memorial Hall & Social Club

Information about the Social Club and Memorial Hall

Social Club

The Social club is open between 8pm to 11pm Monday to Friday, 2pm to 11pm Saturdays and 2pm to 8pm on Sunday.

Club memberships costs £3 per person, £2 for over 60’s and starts each year on 1st January. For more details call into the bar during opening hours or should you wish to join come in and provide a stamped addressed envelope containing your name, address together with your payment and your membership card will be issued and sent to you by the club secretary.

Memorial Hall Bookings & what’s on

Bookings can be made online using the booking request form: Farrington Gurney Village Hall booking request form or by calling 07742 763581. You can also find out more about Farrington Gurney Memorial Hall including details about regular activities and events on the Village Hall website.