Parish Council – Allotments & Public Footpaths


Farrington Gurney Parish Council have allotments at Ham Lane and Sunnyside. At Ham Lane there are a total of 12 allotments and a further 60 available at our Sunnyside site. In the first instance, these allotments are available to rent to parishioners but in some circumstances they can be made available to those living outside the village. Plot sizes will vary and cost will be between £10 and £20 per annum.

For availability, please contact the Parish Clerk whose contact details are available here

Terms and Conditions for Allotments are outlined in our Tenancy Agreement, which you can view here

Public Footpaths

We are lucky to have 21 footpaths within the parish most of which are well walked. The Parish Council have a dedicated Cllr who volunteers their time to walk and maintain the footpaths – cutting back overgrowth and making sure the routes are clear to walk.

The Parish Council are also supported by the BANES Council Rights of Way Officer whose role includes liaising with landowners where issues with public rights of way are identified or if improvements are required.

You can read the Farrington Gurney Footpath Report for 2019 here.

You can view a map of all public footpaths within the parish here.