Parish Council – Agenda & Minutes

Parish Council Meeting details

The Parish Council will usually meet on the third Monday of every month at 8.00pm at the Memorial Hall in the village (with the exception of August). At present it is not possible to meet at the Memorial Hall but the Parish Council are able to meet remotely. Members of the public are still welcome to attend these meetings and you will find joining instructions on the top of the agenda and confirmation of where / how the meeting will be held. The meeting will be managed by the Chair of the Council with the Clerk in attendance to offer procedural / legal advice and take minutes. A range of matters will be discussed and Parishioners are encouraged to attend and bring any matters of local importance to attention of the Council.

We have included copies of the latest agendas and minutes from our monthly meetings for your information. Should you require older copies please do not hesitate to contact our Parish Clerk. Email address for the clerk is

Latest Agenda

The agenda for the March 2021 Parish Council Meeting is now available.

Minutes of Meetings


DRAFT Minutes March 2021
Minutes February 2021
Minutes January 2021


Minutes December 2020
Minutes November 2020
Minutes October 2020
Minutes September 2020
Minutes August 2020
Minutes July 2020
June 2020 – No Meeting
May 2020 – No Meeting
April 2020 – Meeting cancelled – Coronavirus
Minutes March 2020
Minutes February 2020
Minutes January 2020


Minutes December 2019
Minutes November 2019
Minutes October 2019
Minutes September 2019
Minutes July 2019
Minutes June 2019
Minutes May 2019 (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council)
DRAFT Minutes – Annual Parish Meeting
Chairman’s Report 2019
Memorial Hall Report 2019
Minutes April 2019
Minutes March 2019
Minutes February 2019
Minutes January 2019


Minutes December 2018
Minutes November 2018
Minutes October 2018
Minutes September 2018
Minutes July 2018
Minutes June 2018
Minutes May 2018
Minutes April 2018
Minutes – 2018 Annual Parish Meeting
Minutes March 2018
Minutes February 2018
Minutes January 2018


Minutes December 2017
Minutes November 2017
Minutes October 2017
Minutes September 2017
Minutes July 2017
Minutes June 2017
Minutes May 2017
Minutes April 2017
Minutes March 2017
Minutes February 2017
Minutes January 2017


Minutes December 2016
Minutes November 2016
Minutes October 2016
Minutes September 2016
Minutes July 2016
Minutes June 2016
Minutes May 2016
Minutes April 2016
Minutes March 2016
Minutes February 2016
Minutes January 2016